Nepal Project: Niya Sava

“No one becomes poor through the giving of charity.” Pasang Sherpa

New Vue is working with the Solukhumbu Social Welfare Family (SSWF) to raise awareness and money to help the villages in the Solukhumbu region recover from the devastating earthquake that struck Nepal on April 25, 2015, with a major aftershock occurring on May, 12, 2015.


Nepal primary earthquake (April) and major aftershock (May).

Nepal primary earthquake (April) and major aftershock (May).


SSWF background information:
Pasang Sherpa was born in Kanku 9 Mera, Solukhumbu, a remote village in Nepal into an economically struggling family. At the age of 17, he started working for trekking companies as a porter then slowly worked his way up to Kitchen Boy, Sherpa, and Guide.

Pasang founded the Solukhumbu Social Welfare Family non-profit organization in 2008 to support and help the people (especially the children) of the Solukhumbu Region. Based in Sallery, Solukhumbu, the SSWF supports orphaned children, offering them shelter, food, and education, as well as assisting them in the process of finding livelihood. The SSWF started with 4 children in 2008 and, as of 2014, there are 25 students in private school.


The SSWF also helps  make the life easier for the people in the villages by constructing roads and bridges, providing drinking water facilities, and promoting a clean and healthy environment.  Several construction works have been completed, drinking water facilities were provided to the villagers, and basic needs were provided for the disabled.