Haiti Project: Nouveau Haiti

A brief history of our effort to help in Haiti after the earthquake of January 12, 2010.

Our initial focus was to execute deployment of desperately needed fresh water in Haiti by providing logistic and site support for water filtration equipment.

Monty Hart and Water Filters
Monty Hart has been volunteering in Haiti for many years.  His two main projects have been helping to provide clean water through the distribution of water filters, and the development of goat-rearing as a source of food and income for rural Haitians.

Through the generosity of our donors, we were able to send Monty $300 in March 2010 for the purchase of a dozen filters to distribute to families in need. The water purification filters are made and distributed by Sawyer (sawyerpointonefilters.com). The filters can purify 500 gallons of water a day.  They use no electricity or power, simply gravity.  They last up to 2 million gallons.  They are very good and easy to use.

Water filter attached to 5 gal. pail.

Water filter attached to 5 gal. pail.


Alison Thompson, RN
Alison is a nurse and film-maker.  She made a documentary called “The Third Wave” about her work in Sri Lanka after the tsunami of 2004.  We met her when she came to Colorado College to show the film and discuss the need for direct person-to-person action in the aftermath of natural disasters.

Shortly after the earthquake in Haiti, she responded by volunteering with JP-HRO at a medical clinic there.

JP Haiti Relief organization

We sent her $200 to use as necessary to help the Haitians.  At that time, she was too busy nursing to shoot any video, but another videographer made a short (5-minute) video with Alison in it.